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Grease Collection Fryer Oil Collection Service for restaurants, food manufactures, grocery stores, chains, we pay for bulk amount of used cooking grease.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

We offer a full service grease collection service for restaurants and other food servicing facilities.  We will provide a container for storage and put you on a scheduled or on demand collection service. 

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Grease Trap and Interceptor pumping service.  Serving souther california we provide complete pumping service of the grease gravity device.

Grease trap & interceptor maintenance.

Don't wait until it's too late. JR Grease Services, Inc. offers complete pumping service removing all content of the grease trap or interceptor. With every service we will provide you with a complete manifest report detaining the condition of your trap or grease interceptor.

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Complete jetting service, hydro jet plumbing service to ensure that your grease trap or interceptor is not overflowing.  Serving los angeles and orange county JR Grease Service plumbing division is here to help.

Plumbing Service

Don't let blockage or slow drain get in the way of your business. JR Grease jetting and rooting service is here to ensure that your drains are clear and free from any grease blockage or slow drains. Let us help you prevent any problems before it arises and call us for a preventive maintenance service.

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High pressure washing with water recovery.  Grease removal overflow pressure washing service spillage oil, cooking grease spillage.

High Pressure Washing With Water Recovery.

Over time grease build up in the grease containment area may arise in which the city inspectors will require the business to clean up the contamination for safety and sanitary reasons. The process of cleaning such area will require the proper high pressure washing machine along with a water recovery system to ensure that no grease contamination will enter the sewer drains. As a company we are fully equipt to properly clean up grease contaminated areas with high pressure washing system combined with a water recovery vacuum tanker.

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