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What kind of service do you provide?

We are a full service grease company providing a solution for the food servicing establishments. As a team we provide grease trap, grease interceptor, plumbing, used cooking oil collection, fat / bone collection, power washing, and DAF tank Services. We provide an all in one solution and purely on high service quality at low competative prices.

How do I know if my grease trap or interceptor is full?

Grease traps and interceptors are not supposed to be filled with grease and solids. In fact, grease traps and interceptors waste content should not exceed above 30-35% grease and solids combined. Once the fats, oils, grease and solids exceed this percentages, it starts releasing FOGS content in which the purpose of the device becomes disabled.

Why install a grease trap or interceptor.

A grease trap and a grease interceptor is designed to trap any grease and solids from entering the city sewer lines. The fact that without a grease trap or an interceptor, grease escaping the FSE will enter the city sewer lines causing grease build up causing major blockage.

Do you provide 24 Hour Service?

Yes, although on the weekends our services are limited to grease interceptor / trap pumping and plumbing services. Please note that emergency services are due to additional fees.

Can you service and open any grease traps or interceptors.

We can open most grease interceptors and traps as long as they are not damaged, in a place that is not easily accesed, or in some cases uniquely designed. If you have a grease trap or inteceptor lid that is damaged or stuck, we can forcefully open it using special tools with the business's consent. But please note that we will not take any responsibilty for damage grease trap or interceptor covers. Please refer to "grease trap and interceptor covers" to learn more.

Why should I clean my grease trap and/or interceptor?

Failing to service a grease trap and/or an interceptor can cause major blockage causing a backflow or an overflow. Please note that grease traps or interceptors are to serviced on a timely manner and not to be filled up completely with FOGS. Please refer to "cleaning mainenance" to learn more.

Do you provide plumbing services?

We provide rooting and hydrojetting service for grease line.

Do you buy used cooking grease?

Yes, but please note that there is a minimum amount of used cooking that we will pick up. To learn more please contact us at 888-800-011

Did not find the answers?

In case you have not found any answers here or you have more inquiries to ask, please feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you back very soon.

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