Removal of Interceptor Covers AND Trap Lids

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Grease Interceptor Manhole Covers

Over time grease interceptor manhole covers can become brittle or stuck.  Once this incident occurs there is a possibility that in order to open the cover; it will have to be forcefully removed with a special tool.  By forcefully removing the interceptor covers, there is a likelihood that the cover will need to be replaced and no longer be used.  Therefore, it is imperative to have a spare lid cover before performing this action in case the lid is broken into pieces.  JR Grease Services Inc. is not responsible for any broken lids or manhole covers.  Due to normal wear and tear cracked manhole covers or stuck lids can come about due to the location of these devices.   Typically located in a high traffic area, heavy loads and debris is not uncommon for the lids.  Please note that we do not sell these lids or have them in stock therefore, if you have having problems with stubborn lids please call us so that we can assist you in ordering the lids from the manufacturers as best as we can.

Custom Interceptor Lids Removal

In a rare situation that a restaurant has a grease interceptor that has custom lids, it may require custom tools that we may not store. When this situation arise we will ensure you that we will try our best to assist you as best as possible by contacting the manufacturer or the builder of the interceptor if it is available. Contact Us for assistance.


Grease Trap Lids and Covers

Over time the grease trap screw become corroded, stripped or loose. This incident is not rare especially with the small grease traps since they are opened frequently and are in constant contact with high acid content liquids. The fact that the combination of water and metal can lead to corrosion this incident is not uncommon. The fact that most grease traps have sealers on the lids or can be sealed with silicone, this may not pose a threat with bad odors. Though, if the trap cover has a hole in which the odor can come out of, this can cause a bad smell inside the kitchen. Contact our support team today if you are experiencing bad odors coming out of your grease trap.