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Meat, Poultry & Fish Pick Up

JR Grease Services Inc. now offers inedible raw meat and poultry waste collection service. We provide the containers for you to dispose your unwanted waste and pick up on a scheduled or on demand request. As a licensed inedible waste hauling company we are in compliant with all the rules and regulations set by the CDFA and USDA. For every collection service, we provide you with all necessary disposal and manifest reports necessary to provide the USDA and / or the CDFA. We are ready and have all the necessary equipment to service small private companies, large commercial supermarket and / or food factories.

Inedible Waste Collection

Types of meat we collect?

Let JR Grease Services Inc. take care of your inedible fat and bone removal and disposal.  If you are supermarket, butcher shop, or a food manufacturer looking for a dependable company to collect and recycle your inedible waste, we can help.  As a commitment, we will safely remove and take away unwanted raw inedible meat waste (for human consumption) such as; beef, pork, chicken, fish, duck, lamb, bone, fat, goat, etc..  In compliance with all the local and state laws we have been approved by the CDFA to pick up and dispose inedible mean, poultry and fish waste.  Call us today for assistance and see how we can reduce the disposal cost of your inedible waste discarding. 

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Servicing the food service industry since 1988
inedible waste collection service. Pick up raw bones and fat from food servicing facilities throughout los angeles and orange county california.

Servicing Food Manufacturing Facilities

Providing excellent inedible waste collection and DAF tank pumping services.  JR Grease Services Inc. offers flexible hours for collection and pumping service.