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Ejector Pumps

Is the alarm going off on your pumps? We can help! When you hear the alarm on your pumps making noises it is a warning indicating that there is a problem with the with the ejectors. Pit pumps or sump pumps are used to forcefully release water out to the main sewer lines and pump failures can cause your lines to back up causing the pits to overflow.

Pit pumps or sewer pumps located in the ejector pits are designed to thrust the water out of the pits once it reaches a certain level.  These sewer pumps have floaters that that act as indicators for the pumps to go on once it reaches a certain level.  Once the water level arrives at that point the pump(s) will turn on and release the content inside the pit.  When the alarm goes off it’s a sign there is a malfunction with the pumps not be able to release the the content out of the ejectors properly.  Therefore, it is imperative not to ignore the sound or the warning light indicator if it exists. 

How to fix pit / sewer pumps?

Don't ingnore the alarm and red light warning.

Just like anything with moving parts these pumps also need to be properly maintained. Depending on the pump that is used, it can have a lifespan of up to 10 years or as little as 6 months. Disabling the alarm of the sewer pump can be fixed with a simple push of a button or it can be as major as having to fully replace the unit. Therefore, it is imperative for a professional to see and test the unit in order to determine a proper solution.

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Pit pump failure

Failing to properly maintain a sewer pit or ejector pumps can lead to overflows.