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What is a grease trap?

Grease trap is a gravity device that is designed to decrease the amount of fat, oil, grease and solids from entering the city sewer lines.  Most grease traps are typically located inside the kitchen beneath the sinks varying in sizes from 150 gallons or below. Though, there are still a small percentage that grease traps can be located outside the facility.

Trap Size & Maintenance

How often to service a grease trap?

Due to its small size (5-150 Gallons), grease traps are typically cleaned between 4-8 weeks on the average.   To determine an accurate service maintenance schedule, please refer to the service manifest history.  Each manifest history will show the condition of the grease trap as well as give an accurate count of solids and grease percentage.  Please note that grease traps are not supposed to go over 30% of combined solids and grease count.  Failing to properly pump or clean a grease trap in a timely manner can lead to main line blockage causing the device to overflow and / or sinks to not drain. 

Automatic Grease Trap

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If you own an automatic grease trap such as Big Dipper, Grease Boss, Thermaco, etc..  Please note that these devices will only separate the grease and not the solids.  Although, you may not have to service automatic grease traps as often as the non-automatic, we still highly suggest that these automatic devices to be pumped out every quarter to ensure that all solid content are removed.    

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Fact: Aside from grease and oil, traps will also store solids in the bottom. Therefore, when serviced, all content must be fully removed to prevent any slow drains or line blockage.

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