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Please refer to the illustration below.  Note that the functionality of both grease traps and interceptors are similar but since grease traps are considerably a lot smaller, the need for frequent service will be necessary to ensure a good flow. 

Figure 1 is a diagram that illustrate a grease interceptor (similar functionality as a grease trap) all the contents that are present inside the device  (D, E, F).  From the illustration, grease will float to the top and solids will accumulate at the bottom.  Some companies may not consume a large amount of grease / oil (D) but the solid accumulation (E) will collect at the bottom.  Failing to completely remove the solids (E) and grease (D) accumulation can cause the blockage of the exit pipe. This will lock in the water inside causing the kitchen lines and grease trap / interceptor to overflow or clog.  

manifest report for city inspectors regarding grease pumping. How often to get a grease trap and interceptor cleaned.

Grease Traps & Grease Interceptors

At JR Grease Services Inc., we beleive in providing our customers with the highest service quality to ensure that they do not suffer from any unwanted issues that can occur due to bad service quality.  Our grease trap and interceptor pumping service will consist of removing of all grease / oil, water and solids inside the device.  While some companies only skim the top of the grease interceptors and grease traps leaving all the waste water and solids behind; JR Grease Services, Inc. will completely pump from top to bottom leaving your interceptor / trap completely empty. We are fully licensed waste hauler and we will assure you that all grease, water waste and solids will be collected and transported according to federal and state requirements.

Properly Cleaning Grease Traps & Interceptors

In order to clean a grease trap or a grease interceptor properly, JR Grease Services, Inc. will thoroughly remove all of the accumulation from the top to the bottom of your grease trap and/or grease interceptor. Our grease cleaning and pumping service will consist of thoroughly vacuuming all content of the devices, and disposing of all waste collected. Our highly skilled technicians will meticulously scuff away grease and solids deposits and make certain that all waste are pumped out completely. Servicing the FOGS (Grease Trap / Interceptor) device regularly can prevent solids, grease, fats, oils from contaminating your outbound lines, unpleasant odors, and old grease build up that causes costly problems.