Grease & Plumbing Services

Flexible Solution Designed For Your Business

Providing grease management services for property management of shopping centers and malls. Lincensed and insured grease collection 
		                			grease pumping and plumbing company for commercial centers.

Shopping Centers & Strip Malls

We provide full grease management services for shopping centers and strip malls throughout Southern California. We have a fleet of plumbing, grease collection and vaccuum trucks ranging from 750 gallons up to 5,850 gallons therfore; no are no job that is unmanageable for us.

Restaurange grease / used cooking oil pick up, grease trap services, grease interceptor pumping, grease removal, plumbing service. Los Angeles and Orange County Grease Specialist.


We work for you. Understanding the importance of a having an efficient workflow is our main goal. Therefore, we tailor our services to your standards and ensure we do not get in the way of your production. Our team is here to assist you and make certain that your restaurant commercial kitchen needs are a 100% satisfied.

we provided a complete solution for catering companies and commisary that have commercial kitchens.  We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing and pumping service 
	                            	for grease traps and interceptors.  We specialize in repairing overflowing grease trap and interceptor by fully cleaning out the pipes with high pressure hydro jet machine.

Catering & Commissary

Catering companies that have commercial kitchens are subject to the same rules and regulations similar to any food servicing establishment. Therefore, catering kitchens must also properly dispose their used cooking oil and pumping out their grease trap & interceptor in a timely manner.

Serving low clearance parking structures for hard to reach interceptors for hotels, nursing home and hospitals.  We 
		                			have the tools and vehicle that can fit below parking levels for large grease traps / interceptors.

Hotels, Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Hotels, hopitals, and senior living facility are known to have special needs especially when it comes to grease trap, grease interceptor and plumbing services. As a company we are in full compliant of all the regulations that the municiplaties have placed for these businesses. Due to nature of the business it is highly recommended for restaurants and hospitals to properly maintain the grease devices and plumbing to elimate any disastrous events. Let JR Grease Services Inc. provide you with excellent service and call us for a service quote.

Inedible meat, grease waste, fat, bone, used cooking oil disposal, DAF tank, 
	                           		grease trap, grease interceptor, sludge waste collection 
	                           		and hauling services.  Licensed and approved by the state of 
	                           		california in compliance with FDA and CDFA regulations.

Industrial & Manufacturing

As a full service inedible waste hauling and plumbing company, JR Grease Services Inc. offers an all in one solution for food manufacturing and processing companies.   We will work closely with your staff to ensure that the workflow at full capacity and tailor our services based on the wants and needs of your company.  Never the less, we will provide you with all the necessary reports and manifest forms required by the FDA and city inspectors to ensure that you are in full compliant at all times.


How to get rid of old meat from a butcher shop and supermaket.  JR Grease 
	                            	provide you with flexible grease collection and indedible meat and poultry disposal service.  All in on grease management services 
	                            	throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

Markets & Butcher Shops

  Whether you are a small butcher shop or a large super market chain JR Grease Services Inc., is ready to assist you.   Our service consist of inedible waste collection, used cooking oil pick up, grease trap / grease interceptor cleaning, and plumbing services.   We offer flexible services and can construct a plan specifically designed to suit your needs.  Rest assure that when working with JR Grease Services Inc. we purely committed in providing you with nothing less that excellent service.