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Used Cooking Oil Rebate Program (discontinued)

With oil prices being at a steady decline for the last year, we have discontinued all rebate programs.  While, many companies have started charging a grease collection fee to make up for the margins; we have restructured our grease collection program to provide our customers with free grease collection service.

In an effort to continuously provide our customers with free grease or used cooking oil collection service, it is necessary for us to collect a minimum of 30 gallons from every restaurant that we service.  For customer’s that request a pick up and have below the minimum requirement of 30 gallons, we will start charging a $20 service fee.

When to expect the rebate program to come back?

Since used cooking grease is a commodity and traded in the open market; uprise and downfall is very hard to determine.  Just like our customers, we would like the pricing of yellow grease value to increase because it gives us an opportunity to make a profit.  Therefore, as soon as the price of used cooking grease increases, we will ensure all our customers that we will start providing rebates once again.

JR Grease Services appreciates your understanding and if there are any additional questions or concerns, please contact our office at 888-800-0118.

Did you know that we also provide hydro jet plumbing, grease trap / interceptor pumping, fat / bone collection and high pressure washing services?

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