Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor Overflow

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Line blockage causing the grease trap to overflow. Pumping and removing grease

Grease Trap and Interceptor Spilling.

Grease traps and interceptors do not completely eliminate grease from releasing into the city or main lateral line.  Instead, its job is to reduce the outgoing percentage of the grease and solids by up to 85%.  Once grease and solid inside the device reaches 25% the device will be less effective releasing more unwanted FOGS waste.  City water waste department will typically ensures that interceptors do not reach levels of 25-30% and when it they will require the facility to immediately pump out the device.  Reaching high levels of grease and solid content will increase your chances of overflow which can be very costly to service particularly when it overflows. 

Causes of grease overflow out of a trap or interceptor

Why is there so much grease?

When an interceptor or trap overfills releasing content out of the top, it will first release the grease due to its light content followed by the water.  The fact that the grease is typically released first, overflowing grease interceptors and traps can be very unsafe especially if it’s in a high traffic area.  Clean up for overflowing grease interceptor or grease trap can be very costly, especially if the city gets involved.  If the content of the device reaches the street, the city will make the facility stop its production until everything is cleaned up.  Clean up cost can be very costly especially if the contamination enters the city sanitary lines.  Despite the clean up cost, the restaurant is also given citation and huge fines.  .

Prevent your grease trap or interceptor from overflowing by doing a proper preventative scheduled maintenance.  Call us today at 888-800-0118 for a quote.

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